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Our Philosophy

Personal Contact

Our own incidents have personal contact with the responsible physician from being updated until the process is complete and the final result.

Full Information

Only incidents that have absolute evidence are qualified for surgery and we explain the possibilities and the results that we can achieve.

We aim the best result

We do not do “mass production” but only the number of cases allows us to dedicate the time necessary to achieve the best possible result.

Interest for the customer

We are interested that all of our clients are satisfied because they are the main source of our clientele.

Responsible for each result is the plastic surgeon that informs you rather impersonal name of a company.

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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant

About 50% of the male population and 30% of the female population will face baldness problem during his lifetime.

  • The Androgenetic alopecia belongs to permanent bald ie. Hair fall does not grow back.
  • The image of bald person associated with the image of the prematurely aged person. This results in reducing the confidence of mainly young people or even disturb the normal development of their personality.

The aim of this surgery is to give people new and healthy hair, which is their own, behave like other normal hair remain for life, and together with the new hair people to regain their lost confidence, which significantly contributes to completion of their personality.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Although gravity is small (considered minor surgery) takes time because it is delicateand painstaking process for the surgeon and support staff.

Treatment Methods

The technique which has prevailed list is autotransplantation trichothylakiov to the method of microcuttings.

According to her taking hair follicles from areas of the scalp that never fall (occipital and parietal regions) and transplanted to bald areas (frontal and temporal).

A prerequisite therefore is the existence of hair in areas of permanent hair like called occipital and parietal regions.

Why Choose Us


Personal Contact & Sincerity

Why you contact directly with the doctor who will take you where you will speak with rigor and honesty.


Why hair transplantation is done by a plastic surgeon, with rich experience in the field and not by physicians unrelated disciplines.

Recognized Medical Area

Why are medical space under the Ministry of Health and not trading company under the Ministry of Commerce.

Happy Clients

Because most of our clients have come from other satisfied customers.

We aim the best result

Why spend as much time as needed in every transplant. So the team is relaxed and gives the best of himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I can paint to bathe, to fleece?
It can be done at any age?
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If shear my hair will be stronger?
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