Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Stampos Mihail

The main object of education and action of a Plastic Surgeon is the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, which deals with the recovery of wounds, burns, congenital abnormalities, injuries hand surgery and microsurgery.

Nobody is called Plastic Surgeon unless he knows how to make restitution.

But the higher education rung for a Plastic Surgeon is the area of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where a healthy physically person appeals to us to correct an asymmetry, an abnormality or the signs of aging and old age and thus indirectly contribute to mental equilibrium and personality development and opportunities within the community that lives and works.

The details make the difference.

Dr. Stampos N. Mihail M.D. , PhD

Mental health

The surgery’s profound objective is the mental health of the individual.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery puts scientific basis to realize the ancient dream of mankind for beauty and youth, and this is the “scientific concept of beauty”.


Certain people say that “beauty is better than truth”. Since the begging, humans stood ecstatic before the “beauty”. But what is it that we call “beauty”?  

In Papanoutsos’ book “Aesthetics”, he states:

“The good and the bad feeling and we evaluate a particular consciousness our energy, a power innate and common to all of us, independent of our consciousness other functions of life.”

General “beauty” characterized any stimulus perceived by the senses and causes pleasant feelings and says Freud “the nature of man is molded to be pulled from the nice and away from the ugly.” It seems that this sense of beauty is a “sixth sense”, genetically determined for the human race. Throughout the course of civilization beauty springs not from the specific character of a shape, but the form and content section. Accepting the forms of those who are a creative challenge.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by making a revolution in recent years has managed with new specialized techniques to provide solutions to problems which until yesterday was unresolved and correct anomalies stigmatized individuals for a lifetime. These features of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have made the most popular medical specialty.

Plastic surgery

The plastic surgery is a relatively new specialty, but which rapidly invaded our lives because of the object and its possibilities.  

Patients ask for our help, not always to become more handsome, but to spend one deformity or imperfection unnoticed in their environment and avoid any comments.

Most often the Plastic Surgery is required to deal with and heal an entire grid is deformity, dysfunction and mental burden. These examples are women Mikromasty or Gigantomasty, obese with hanging belly, the children with protruding ears, the young man with baldness that begins to appear, the shapely young lady with two disproportionately “buns” asymmetric ivodis nose and other , requesting the plastic surgeon to dispense with the complex that creates them by their physical abnormality and reconcile with their bodies.