Blepharoplasty: The aim of surgery

The relaxation of the eyelid is a normal consequence of the change of the elastic fibers of the skin, whose elastic capacity decreases over time. Usually the relaxation occurs simultaneously in the upper and lower eyelids.

The aim of surgery is to remove excess skin to achieve stretched youthful eyelids. The initial elasticity cannot be restored.

Description of the procedure

After the incisions which are carried out in parallel with the limits of the eyelids and as much as possible in physiological aspects of skin, the excess of skin is removed. Small amount of excess fat beneath is removed. The lips of the wound are sutured with very fine sutures.

Particularly in the lower eyelid to deal with the “bags” and sagging skin and muscle, I use since 1998 a personal surgical technique, which is an original, has been presented in international conferences and has published in international journal of aesthetic plastic surgery (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

In this technique I use a fixed anatomic element in the lower pole of the eyeball, on which I support the muscle and skin of the lower eyelid, restoring normal anatomy of this area before the relaxation and detachment of tissue, which occurs with the passage of time. With that way we deal with “bags” of eyelids which are the projection of  intraorbital fat, the “cheek pouches which are edema of  intramuscular fat, relaxed wrinkles and remove excess skin and muscle, giving youthful appearance to the eyelid.

The result is impressive and stable for a long time.

Since 1998, having carried more than 450 blepharoplasty, the results remain remarkably stable and did not show any indication of reintervention.

Eyelid surgery, if performed correctly, generally lasts a lifetime. Rarely require second surgery (whichever relaxation of tissue) after several years.

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is required when combined with another operation.




Please, after surgery and for the first few days avoid physical strain and washing the eyelids with water.

Do not worry though:

Show bruising of the eyelids and also in some cases uneven swelling

The first three days you cannot fully close the eyelids

The limit of the lower eyelid to the outside corner of the eye does not touch completely.

These phenomena generally disappear within a few days automatically.

The stitches are removed a few days later. The doctor will inform you if and how you need to wear sunglasses.

After 2-3 months you will reap the first sample of the final result.

Visible scars are very rare.

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Possible complications


The general risks of surgery such as infection, bleeding, etc., it is very rare for this surgery. Thanks to advances in medicine and in the preoperative control, we can avoid them or to do much more to deal with them than in the past. Large hemorrhages are rare, while smaller bruising subside in one to two weeks.

Due to attraction of scarring after surgery can cause the lower eyelid to depart from the eye. In this case you may require a corrective action, if this is not resolved within three months.

After a period of about 2-3 months the desired result can be observed.

Strict adherence to guidelines is essential for good results.

Please ask us for everything you seem important about Blepharoplasty.

Postoperative results of operations you can see during your visit to the clinic.

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