Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: The aim of this Surgery

The breast is the woman’s symbol of feminity and fertility.

A small, hypoplastic or atrophic breast may cause feelings of inferiority. In contrast, a nice and normal breast increases self confidence and improves the female psychology. A breast augmentation with permanent and impressive results can be achieved by the placement of silicone implants.

The procedure

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The correct position of silicone implants is behind the muscle (pectoralis major ), where they are surrounded and protected.

There are a few exceptions, where the implants are placed in front of the pectoralis major muscle. In these cases, we try to place them, at least, behind the fascia of the muscle.

The insertion of the implant is made from a small incision in the skin, which may be positioned in submammarian groove, the areola, or in a physiological aspect of the axilla (armpit) . Performing the incision in the submammarian groove or in areola, will cause a lifetime scar. If the healing process of the individual is normal , the scars will be hardly noticeable .

In other case a nice breast can be resulted but with an ugly scar, because the type of the scar depends exclusively on the healing mechanism of the patient.

After having done the incision described above, we cut and must reconnect all the anatomical elements covering the implants. By making the incision in a physiological aspect of the axillary skin (armpit), the advantages are the following:

There is no visible scar on the breast

There is no need to cut and reconnect all anatomical elements covering the implants.

We emphasize in the fact that in this particular incision only the skin of the armpit is affected.

According to past experience, the axillary access has been performed for over 15 years without any hypertrophic or keloid scar.

Breast augmentation is an operation which does not affect any clinical examination such as  palpation of the breast or the  radiological control such as  mammography or ultrasound  .

Moreover breastfeeding ability will not be affected.

If the breast are small and sagging a simultaneous breast lifting procedure (mastopexy) will be required.

If this is the case, there will be a need of extra incisions and thus more scarring:

(a periareolar, a vertical and a small horizontal in the submammarian groove).

Αυξητική Στήθους
Αυξητική Στήθους

Postoperative treatment

A special sports bra is needed to be warm for 6 weeks. The first few days strenuous exercises with hands or weight, must be avoided.

To minimize the possibility of a capsule contracture   been formed, it is necessary to adhere to the doctor’s instructions.

After a period of about 6 weeks the desired results can be observed.

Strict compliance with the doctor’s instructions is essential for the desired outcome

Please ask us for everything you seem important.

Postoperative results of operations can be viewed by visiting our clinic.

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Αυξητική Στήθους
Αυξητική Στήθους
Αυξητική Στήθους
Αυξητική Στήθους

Possible Complications

The generalized risks have become very rare thanks to advances in medicine and preoperative check necessarily performed before each surgery.

Infections and abnormal healing is rare because of surgical techniques which protect the affected tissues.

Possible hematomas may appear, which may require reoperation.

Although the silicone implant material is friendly to tissues, nevertheless, it is still a foreign body, around which the organism forms a protective capsule within a few weeks, as a reaction. Very rarely the capsule may shrink and lead to a hardening and changing the shape of the breast. If that happens a second operation associated with the change of silicone implants is required.

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