Injectable materials


Injectable materials: BOTOX & HYALURONIC ACID

Today various injectable materials (botox, hyaluronic acid) corrected wrinkles, blemishes, filling is accomplished at the points required etc.

This therapies are done in the office of a plastic surgeon and the patient returns to his activities immediately!

The botulinum toxin (botox) – the most popular injectable material – is a naturally processed protein, in very small doses, acts on the muscle resulting in inhibition of the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles not to contractions. Applied and acts locally without being absorbed by the body. After the treatment, the wrinkles are restored to their previous state. Depending on the amount of material to be used and the strength of individual muscles need repetition usually after 4-6 months.

The therapy is applied by an experienced and qualified doctor. Treatment is aimed at men and women regardless of age who are in their life period when the area begins at the front and around the eyes look tired and appear more intense expression wrinkles. It can be used by young and older women who want to eliminate wrinkles on their face. Its use is not associated with age, but with the needs of every woman.

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