Laser Hair Removal

Laser Αποτρίχωση

What is the Laser Hair Removal?

The Laser light is amplified. It is light and thus can be safely applied to all areas of the body, even in young people, without any side effect. Emits light that is absorbed selectively only by the melanin of the hair bulb and causes destruction of the pouch without damaging any other tissue. So the reappearance of hair becomes impossible.

How safe and effective is the method?

The Laser Alexandrite, is the most advanced technology on the subject of hair removal. This machine L.P.I.R. of Cynosure (Apogee 5500), constructed and used in U.S. with all the stringent standards of control in force in that country for the security and efficiency of the machine.

Clinical research and applications on people for many years demonstrated complete safety and effectiveness of the method. So the machine can be applied to all areas of the face and body even in very young people, without any side effects.

Only protect eyes by wearing special glasses.

The process is as safe and effective in males and females on normal or pathological hirsutism. The darker and thicker the hair is, the easier the target is for the machine. The thiner and blonder the hair is, the more difficult task is, which means that it will require more repetitions. The machine is not effective for white hairs that have no melanin.

Laser Hair Removal

How many iterations are needed and why?

For destroying the pouch during treatment, the hair is at the stage of regeneration, i.e. the root is situated inside the pouch.

At least 5-10 repetitions are required for permanent hair removal. If there is an endocrine disorder will certainly require more repetitions.

This is because at that time all the hair treatment are not at the same stage of development. As many hairs are in the rest phase (phase telogennis) not targeted for the machine. So wait approximately three weeks and repeat the treatment, the percentage of hairs will reappear. The ideal time for the repetitions is from 20 to 25 days. Adherence to the timetable is very important for the efficiency of depilation.


Laser Hair Removal

How long and how painful is the method? 

The machine is fast. Indicatively, 10 minutes are required for full face, for the mustache about 2-3 minutes and for the bikini approximately 15 minutes. Of course when it comes to larger area, such as the entire back or legs the duration is longer.
The machine is painless and only in very sensitive areas, such as e.g. mustache or bikini may in some places may feel slight discomfort, but this does not compare with the painful wax or electric depilation with needle. In very sensitive people can be used anesthetic cream (EMLA) at least half an hour before waxing.

What to know before and after waxing? 

The only contraindication application of Laser hair removal is the latest sunbathing. In this case we have to wait a few weeks without the person exposed to the sun after applying the treatment.

Also you are not exposed to sun immediately after the laser.

The ideal length of hair for hair removal is half a millimeter that is just beginning to emerge. They can be very large or instead just have depilated with another method or shave.
It can only be observed after treatment in Brunette or blackened by sunbathing atoms is erythema (inflammation) which disappears in a few hours or scabs that disappear within a few days (first degree burn that does not leave marks). If you see scabs, achromatic areas arise (white) but they completely disappear after a period of 5-6 months. Never, in 15 years of application of this Laser hair removal resulted skin damage that can leave scars.
We recommend to everyone after the Laser hair removal using the thermal water Avene (EAU THERMALE spray) and a moisturizer, and if the irritation subsides not directly make cold compresses for 24 hours.

For any clarification question we are at your disposal.

The adherence to guidelines is essential for good results.

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