Liposuction: The aim of the operation

The distribution of fat in the human body is genetically determined and differs according to gender.

The local excessive fat deposition (hyperliposis),  on some specific parts of the body , is also genetically determined pathological condition.

The aim of the surgery is the removal of excess fat from specific parts of the body. Normally one operation is sufficient, however, in rare cases a second operation is required.

It should be emphasized  that liposuction is not a slimming method, because, by today’s standards, the maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed from a healthy person in one operation is about 2500 and 3500 ml of fat (2.5 to 3.5 liters).

It should be noted that the areas of local fat deposition cannot be dealt with any other non surgical method such as massage, machines or local injections of various drugs . Even after excessive weight loss, fat is maintained at these areas and a further weight gain of 1 or 2 Kgr may lead  to the depotition of fat primarily to those areas.

Description of the procedure

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and mild  sedation . The patient go home on the same day. In certain cases a general anesthesia may be required.

After adequate preparation of the region, 3-4  very small incisions are made  at each point of liposuction and ultrafine metal tubes diameter of 2 or 3 mm  are inserted,  through which fat is sucked and removed.

Very fine sutures are placed in the incision points, which are removed after 5-6 days. In the majority of cases the patient can go home on the same day.

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Physical stress and exercise in the first postoperative days should avoid.

A special compressions garment should be warm for at least 6 weeks.

If in the first 24 hours there is an appearance of a pinkish liquid coming out of the incision points you should not be alarmed. This is normal and expected. Additionally bruising and swelling are considered normal postoperative effects ,which will subside in the following few weeks.

To achieve the optimal results it is advisable to adhere to the doctor’s recommendations and to not gain any extra weight for the next 6 months.

Although a clear difference is seen after one month , the desirable result can be observed, after a period of about 5-6 months.

How long the result of liposuction lasts?

The result of the liposuction is permanent and final in the operated areas. However, if the patient gains extra weight fat maybe deposited in none operated areas.

Possible complications

Liposuction is one of the safest procedures when performed by qualified plastic surgeons .

Very rarely seromas (collection of serous fluid ) can occur at some point of the liposuction , which if not self absorbed  may require aspiration .

Generally , liposuction is the most common operation of plastic surgery worldwide, because it is safe, leaves no scars and has a permanent and definitive result .

After a period of about 2-3 months the desired result can be observed.

Strict adherence to the doctor’s instructions is essential for good results.

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Postoperative results of operations you can see during your visit to the clinic.

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