Golden Peeling

Θεραπεία Προσώπου

What is the Golden Peeling?

Golden Peeling consists of three natural products, in the form of anhydrous powder, which synergistic achieve skin regeneration, causing removal of the stratum corneum n replacement of this by new and healthy epithelial cells.

How it works?

  • The microspheres of the main active substance penetrate below the skin and kept for 4-5 days and as cleaved releasing substances that cause stimulation of monovlaston and overproduction of new collagen and elastin in order to achieve natural skin regeneration with a strong anti-aging action.
  • The strong regenerative and healing effect and strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action of the Golden Peeling ingredients acting synergistically soothe irritation by peeling, achieve rapid regeneration of the skin, resulting in healthy and youthful appearance of the face.
  • Simultaneously the same microspheres causing severe reduction of the derivative of sebum by the sebaceous glands and unblock ekforitikon these resources, thus eliminating the main cause of acne is sebum overproduction, due to hormonal disorders and entrapment inside the glands, resulting created to cystic acne and have the first stage of acne (cystic acne).

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