Face Therapy

Exfoliating, mask application, serum application, hydration, sun protection, de makeup and skin analysis with just one facial treatment!



Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is the excessive secretion of sweat from the secretory sweat glands. It is a big problem, which...



Mesotherapy is the most modern method of anti-aging, prevention and rehabilitation of all skin problems.

Σύσφιξη Προσώπου / Λαιμού

Facial and Neck Tightening

It is a painless and safe treatment, with a special machine that also has a positive and negative pressure...

Θεραπεία Προσώπου

Golden Peeling

Based on a patented technology which succeeded in creating nanospheres from a natural product with incredible curative properties.

Peeling Προσώπου

Facial Peeling

Painless and safe treatment that offers instant radiance and freshness to the face.



It is a relatively modern method of treating small quantities of local liposis with non-surgical means.

Θεραπεία με Βλαστοκύτταρα

Stem Cells

This is the most important recent discovery, which promises to change the future of medicine.

Laser Αποτρίχωση

Laser Hair Removal

The Laser light is amplified. It is light and thus can be safely applied to all areas of the...


Injectable materials

Today various injectable materials (botox, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy) corrected wrinkles, blemishes, filling is accomplished at the points required etc.